French Genes Research Foundation

 An Introduction to the SENS Foundation

sens researchDay in and day out, there are many unsung heroes that exist in our society. There are people in a number of different occupations that do the best they can to serve others in any way that they can. Individuals in law enforcement, the legal field, education and in healthcare continue to go the extra mile in order to meet the needs of the population. The dedicated employees and scientists associated with the SENS Foundation in Mountain View, California would definitely qualify as unsung heroes. These individuals go the extra mile in their chosen occupation. The SENS Foundation is an organization that is dedicated to finding cures to a number of different age-related diseases in order to make your golden years a much easier time to live.
A few years ago, SENS Foundation received a donation in amount of half a million US dollars from Jason Hope, entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. These dedicated scientists and researchers are committed to finding new methods of treatment for age-related health issues. Here is just a small listing of some of the great activities of the SENS Foundation:

1. Regenerative medicine

The hallmark of the SENS Foundation is in their research on new advances in regenerative medicine. They envision a world where medicine has the ability to repair the underlying damage to the tissues, cells, molecules, blood, veins, arteries and other parts of the inner body. The research scientists at SENS realize that aging-related diseases at present are just simply a fact of life. However, they are taking steps on a day-to-day basis in order to make the aging process a much easier transition for everyone. New advances in regenerative medicine hold the promise of promoting youthful vitality even in someone who is in their golden years.

researchers 2. In-house research

The SENS Foundation does a lot of in-house research at their main laboratory, which is located at the SRF Research Center. Their main focus is to address diseases related to the aging process, and they are presently researching many different diseases at the molecular level. At the present time, their research is focused on allotopic expression, which is research on the prevention of free radicals in mitochondrial DNA. These “free radicals” can wreck havoc on an individual and can cause many different mitochondrial disorders. The SENS Foundation is also currently looking at the possibilities of reduction of the life cycle of a cancer by deletion of their telomeres.

3. Education

Besides the great research efforts that make up the majority of the activities of the SENS Foundation, they are also dedicated to educating the public on the specific nature of what they do. They seek to help the public to understand the unique challenges that an aging population might face and give them a step-by-step analysis of the methods and research being done to prevent these age-related diseases.